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New Media WayToday traditional boundaries blur as a result of new media that create an increasingly convergent communications environment. Media Law traditionally focused on critical First Amendment issues related to the press, to journalists, and to content. Communications law generally involved communications as a type of regulated industry, where content is not center stage but instead focus involves content delivery systems, entry into the market, pricing, and a myriad of other structural regulatio3ns that govern content delivery systems. Today provocative, cutting-edge developments in cyberspace now provide both media and communications law practitioners an array of contemporary problems to solve.



Attorney and Professor of Media Law Rita Lauria brings to Metalaw®.US more than two decades working at the forefront of media, communications, and cyberspace. Working in both traditional and new media, her expertise spans academia and practice.


As Adjunct Professor of Media Law, Rita Lauria trains our future lawyers in the intricacies of mass media law and First Amendment speech freedoms.


As former Associate Professor of Communications Law, Ethics, & Emerging Media, Rita Lauria advised and counseled dozens of young journalists on strategies to avoid defamation, privacy, and other suits of publication and newsgathering.


Metalaw®.US can assist you in effectively planning all your communications to avoid legal problems. Let Metalaw®.US  provide the comprehensive and sophisticated counseling necessary to protect you and your assets.



Law Reg Book

  • Pre-publication and Pre-broadcast Review
  • Avoidance of Defamation and Privacy Suits
  • Misappropriation and Rights of Publicity
  • Content Regulation of Media
  • Copyright and Intellectual property Counseling
  • Website Review
  • Best Practices Advice and Counseling




The Law and Regulation of International
Space Communication
by Rita Lauria still
serves as a foundational reference work on
international telecommunication. 








  • Representation before Administrative Agencies and other Governmental Bodies
  • Lobbying Government Officials and other Agencies
  • Assistance with Regulatory Compliance
  • Strategic Counseling - International Telecommunications



Rita Lauria and Arthur C. Clarke

As Advisor for Communications to a newly independent nation, Rita Lauria advised the newly formed nation on national and international telecommunication and helped the nation attain full membership into the United Nations International Telecommunication Union. She represented the nation as National Delegate to several intergovernmental fora, including the South Pacific Forum, the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity, and the Joint Telecommunication Board of the United States and the Federated States of Micronesia.



Rita Lauria & Arthur C. Clarke
Asia-Pacific Telecommunity General Assembly
Columbo, Sri Lanka